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"Enameling Art Live
by Toshiko Tanaka"

The World Mordern Enamel Murals.
Full color picture collection of Toshiko Tanaka's enamel works. Toshiko Tanaka is an inventor and developer of the field of mural enameling. Over 50 mural and three dimensional works are introduced in full color including "Message " which was presented to the then Pope John Paul II in 1981, and "Jump to the moon" which was featured in the prestigious "Glass on Metal" magazine in 1992. Also both traditional and new enameling techniques are introduced with full color pictures.

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Author : Toshiko Tanaka (Photo by Michitoshi Tanaka, Akinori Shitano, Translation by Hideo Oka, Reiko Tashiro)
Language: Japanese (Preface and general description of works translated in English)
Size: 18cmx24cmx0.6cm (Weight 356g)
Publisher: Hiroshima Chuo Insatsu
Published in June 2003
Full color Photoes of over 50 works     
Traditional enamel techniques Jewelry techniques Back cover
Summarized English translation booklet